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Our InsureRight Quick Quote will get you started with a simple estimate of your life insurance needs. Answer just a few questions based on your financial situation today, and find out how much insurance you may need to help protect your family.

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Your Quick Quote Results - October 1, 2023

Based on the information you provided, here’s the amount of life insurance you may need:

Amount of insurance needed$100,000
Cost per month$48.52

Adjust the amount to fit your budget:

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Cost per month$48.52

We’ve used a few assumptions to estimate the amount of insurance, which may or may not reflect your unique insurance needs.
The cost estimated is for Manulife’s Family Term, Term - 20 life insurance for a female, age 38, non-smoker.

The amount of insurance has been increased to $100,000 to meet product minimums. The amount of insurance has been decreased to $10,000,000. Quotes for amounts greater than $10,000,000 may be obtained from your advisor.

Thank you for completing the InsureRight Quick Quote. There’s a lot more to consider when buying insurance than just the cost. We recommend working with your financial advisor who can help you evaluate your needs. If you don’t have a financial advisor, we can help you locate someone in your area.

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Consider Manulife Synergy® insurance

3-in-1 life, disability and critical illness protection

Helping protect your family means safeguarding the life you lead and the people you love, should something happen to you. You can help cover everyday risks with 3-in-1 life, disability and critical illness insurance from Synergy. If you can’t work because of injury, illness or premature death, you can draw on the pool of money through your Synergy policy to:

  • Replace your income
  • Cover your mortgage and debts
  • Supplement gaps in your employer’s group plan

Here’s an estimate of how much combination insurance you may need based on the information you entered in the Quick Quote which only estimates your life insurance needs.

Amount of insurance needed
Cost per month

We’ve used the same assumptions to estimate the total Synergy amount of insurance, which may or may not reflect your unique insurance needs.
The cost estimated is for a Synergy - Term 10 solution of $465,000 for a female, age 33, non-smoker.

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